May 30, 2006

And, it’s back: Summer Vacation

Posted in Finding Lyle at 1:28 am by brookel

It's Memorial Day.

This is the third day in my first weekend off from work and I am flailing. I went to Home Depot and bought two big gallons of paint (creamy corn yellow and a very light lavender) thinking that if this is how much time I'm going to have off every weekend I need some home projects. If the fabric store would have been open I might have even bought fabric to make drapes with – i'm THAT desperate.

What? you say.  Just one entry below you are cringing and bitching about your exams.  

Yes, I know. But despite the awfulness that exam-season is, really I like having something to do. I don't like that the exams are so hard and count for so much – but I like having something to do all the time!

Being single and having fairly few hobbies, weekends sometimes loom large in front of me: I'll go for a row here and there, but it's so hot out now I don't even feel motivated to do much outside.

So what do I do? I plan.  yesterday a bunch of us went tubing down the Comal River and had a lovely time – though I missed my book club and still feel badly about that.  But it's not possible to fill every moment.

I have such high hopes too: on Friday I printed out a bunch of articles about Structural Reform Litigation hoping that I would read them – alas, they are still on the table on which I set them Friday afternoon.  Such is life – either I have too much to do or too little. Perhaps I will someday find the in-between because this happens a lot (campaigning: too busy. non-profit: not busy enough), but for now, I suppose I will just keep planning and home improving.