September 14, 2006

Rushing All Over Again.

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We are back in school – 2L year is in full-swing. Every day a different group of people wear their suits to school, ready for interviews.  As much as I dislike wearing a suit, everyone does look a lot nicer these days. Usually we’re all in Tshirts and jeans, so to see people in suits is somewhat startling.

The problem with OCI (on campus interviewing) isn’t the interviewing though – and along with it the missing class – it’s everything else that comes along with it. You need to think ahead to where you will put your suit and bring clothes to change into or out of; you have to either go to the receptions the firms have the night before, or feel guilty and at a loss when you skip them.   And, not only do you have to wear the suit, you need to wear heels and make up – all with a large backpack on your back. It just seems silly.

Of course, I survived sorority rush before, and I’m sure I can do it again – just didn’t know I’d have to.


June 6, 2006


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Wright’s Federal Practice & Procedure

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I have, for the first time, been spending a lot of time with Charles Alan Wright – and I have to say that I now understand why his series on Federal Practice and Procedure (worth every penny of their $2021 cost I'm sure) was such a hit: it tells you EVERYTHING you need to know!  I don't know what I'd do without it – I use it everday at work.

Today, for instance, I was trying to understand when/what could be judicially noticed.  I found a great explanation on when a judge look up something and still call it a "generally known fact" within the meaning of Rule 201(d).
When it applies to music apparently.

But judges are old and foregetful; even a judge who things that the names of the The Beatles are generally known may need to resort to an album cover to recall George harrison.  Similarly, a judge may well suppose that a fact is generally known to others even though unknown to her; e.g. what "Pearl Jam" is. (The writer believes this to be some kind of musical group, but would need to ask one of his children to be sure.) 21B Wright & Miller, Federal Practice & Procedure, s.5108 (2 ed. 2005).

May 30, 2006

And, it’s back: Summer Vacation

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It's Memorial Day.

This is the third day in my first weekend off from work and I am flailing. I went to Home Depot and bought two big gallons of paint (creamy corn yellow and a very light lavender) thinking that if this is how much time I'm going to have off every weekend I need some home projects. If the fabric store would have been open I might have even bought fabric to make drapes with – i'm THAT desperate.

What? you say.  Just one entry below you are cringing and bitching about your exams.  

Yes, I know. But despite the awfulness that exam-season is, really I like having something to do. I don't like that the exams are so hard and count for so much – but I like having something to do all the time!

Being single and having fairly few hobbies, weekends sometimes loom large in front of me: I'll go for a row here and there, but it's so hot out now I don't even feel motivated to do much outside.

So what do I do? I plan.  yesterday a bunch of us went tubing down the Comal River and had a lovely time – though I missed my book club and still feel badly about that.  But it's not possible to fill every moment.

I have such high hopes too: on Friday I printed out a bunch of articles about Structural Reform Litigation hoping that I would read them – alas, they are still on the table on which I set them Friday afternoon.  Such is life – either I have too much to do or too little. Perhaps I will someday find the in-between because this happens a lot (campaigning: too busy. non-profit: not busy enough), but for now, I suppose I will just keep planning and home improving.

March 6, 2006

Musical Debut

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When I was a little girl (ok, sort of a lie…) I had great aspirations of being a musical star.  Sometimes, I still sort of wish my life was a musical.  But I had never actually been IN a musical until this weekend, when I had an ever-so-minor role in Assault and Flattery’s “The Big Dzienkowski.”

I think it was the most time I have ever spent preparing to sing and say five minutes worth of music and lines in my life – but I met some great people along the way – and got to go to some great cast parties.  Also, when is the next chance I’ll have to sing “Thriller” on stage or pretend to be a judge? Probably not ever, I am guessing…

The show itself was written by 2 students here and was very loosely based on the Big Lebowski (one of my favorite movies) but was reset in, of course, law school and was replete with dorky law school jokes and barbs at professors here (Walter: “This is a courtroom, not a contract with native americans – there are RULES.” good example of the humor).  The songs were a mix of pop favorites and real musical numbers (Hello Powers (for our old dean) instead of Hello Dolly).

All in all it was a great time.

February 27, 2006


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This is a t-e-s-t.